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Classic Collection

The Classic Collection was developed for the Bespoke Barware company to bring the beautiful ceramic material into bars for their most traditional cocktails. 

Glazed in trend aware colours and in an almost geometrical way, it accentuates the puristic shapes of the High Ball and Double Rocks, making sure to celebrate the drink being served whilst being aesthetically pleasing, 

Tactile Intimacy

The project presents a collection of lampshades that can be used as table lamps or pendants. By resting the lampshades on their different facets, you create different ambiances.


Its design language is clean and sleek, but still inviting, attracting the hands as much as the eyes.


Its design adapts to various styles and environments, being easy to use, maintain and install. For people with an interest in modern design and appreciate the interaction between man and object. 


A collection designed to celebrate love through intimate meals, Intimité brings a soft design to integrate the  


Delicate curves define this tea service that is made to fit your hands. 


Guided by the process of casting and the British tea tradition, it explores all the challenges brought not only by one of the most complex ceramic items, the teapot, but also by the requirements of different volumes, sieve for a traditional loose tea and other items such as the tea cup and sugar pot.

The whole collection comprises of 2 teapots with strainer for the traditional loose leaf tea, sugar pot, milk jug and tea cups. 

Secret Garden

Inspired by the novel from Frances Hodgson Burnett, this collection is made to celebrate the fragility and beauty of nature. The terracotta chosen to represent the earth, each piece is a reminder of the pleasure and beauty brought by nature into our lives. 


Inspired by the traditional Portuguese tiles, Azulejo is a print designed for the Silk Road collection from Portuguese brand Vista Alegre. 

After extensive research and study of several Portuguese tiles, a unique design was created to bring to life the most relevant details in the traditional cobalt blue and fit perfectly the pieces of the tableware collection. 

to see the full portfolio please click here

"My designs are made to attract the hand as well as the eye."

- Eva Zeisel      

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